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Who We are!

Value Engineering Group specializes in supply, installation and service of doors. Our clients are construction companies, developers, hotels, shopping centers, educational institutions, sports arenas and many other establishments.

Why customers choose us?

Placing direct order with the manufacturer helps you control costs. If the “homework” is done properly, customer will save from direct order. However, to place an order, you need to know door type, frame type, accessories and other important information. Then, you need – the survey, order confirmation, installation and certification. None of this is done by the manufacture. You need a professional contractor to take on responsibility for the entire project.

Our customers get the benefits of both –experienced door contractor taking responsibility for the project and placing a direct order with the manufacturers. We take on the responsibility for the right order and installation and customer pays directly to the manufacturer.

Why customers trust us with the installation?

Fire door is a complete assembly, which, when properly installed, resist the passage of fire and smoke. The key phrase here is – properly installed. Improper fire door installation compromises safety and protection. Our technicians receive regular training on proper door installations. Once the money is spent on the fire door, it makes sense to entrust the installation to the professionals. Why compromise on safety?

Why door maintenance is important?

Some doors take abusive wear and tear. Damaged and worn doors, are more accessible for trespassers, can leak smoke and fire, conduct noise, increase HVAC costs and are unsafe for users. Left unattended it will eventually lead to the entire door replacement. However, if the door is maintained and repaired you will get none of the drawbacks and will avoid costly door replacement.

Additional benefits of working with us.

STOCK. Our door and accessory stock in Baku, means you will not be stranded, waiting for that additional door or a panic bar, requested by an architect. Doors and accessories can be delivered and installed within hours from the order.

WAREHOUSE. You do not have to keep the doors on your project site, claiming space, moving around and getting damaged. We will keep it in our warehouse and deliver and install them as needed.


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